Ramadan: A Transition To Better Health

Apr 01, 2022


Dr. Rajesh

Ramadan is a sacred month for cleansing our body off all the impurities. People with medical conditions can fast without any problems if they follow proper advice and care. There are scientific studies showing the benefits of fasting on body functions.

Here are some ways in which fasting in Ramadan can be observed without any impact on existing medical conditions. During the hours when fast is not observed, these should be followed:

  • Enough water to be consumed especially for those with kidney stones
  •  More vegetables in diet so that constipation and digestive problems don’t arise
  •  People with Diabetes must avoid high sugar and oily foods
  • Adjustments in medicines should be made only on the advice of a medical practitioner
  •  Less salty foods to prevent blood pressure from rising
  • Those having acidity problems must stay away from spicy foods

Let this Ramadan be a transition phase when we can change our habits to more healthy ones for longer life.

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