Good v/s Bad

May 29, 2022



The history of human conflicts can be condensed to one basic theme – the fight between good and bad. These conflicts can be seen around us in our everyday lives, albeit on a smaller scale. Before arriving at any decision, even our minds stage a fight between the pros and the cons.

Similarly, there is a constant war going on in our gut between the good and the bad bacteria. Our gastrointestinal tract is loaded with good bacteria which are involved in a state of continuous engagement with a multitude of foreign substances every second.

Where are they located? Right from the stomach to the colon.

How many are there? About 100 trillion equals the number of cells in the human body.

Is it the same everywhere? The species keep changing in every part of the gut.

Can it be destroyed? Antibiotics and other chemicals can destroy them making our gut defenseless.

What affects good bacteria? They are sensitive to changes in food.

What does it protect us against? Viruses, bad bacteria, allergens.

How does it affect other organs? They are believed to play a part in the prevention of stroke, heart diseases, kidney problems, and enhancing immunity.

How can we keep it healthy? Having fresh vegetables and fruits along with regular exercise.

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