Dubai, the fairy city of Middle East is second home for more than 200 different nationalities.​ ​Affordable quality healthcare is one of the major concern for all residents of Dubai.​ ​​It is one of the most frequently used terminology in private healthcare sector.​ ​Delivery of truly affordable quality healthcare has inherent complexities because of the multi factorial elements involved in it.

Health authorities in Dubai are working on remarkable innovations to streamline the delivery of​ quality healthcare for the citizens and residents alike with the participation of ​p​rivate healthcare providers.​ ​Mandatory health​ ​insurance for all was the first step in this direction.​ ​Various other​ innovations are being implemented in​ standardising the private healthcare sector services.

We at Al​ N​oor are committed,​ ​with whatever humble contributions we can,​ ​to fulfil this noble​ goals.​ Along with quarter century old experience in healthcare sector in ​D​ubai and commitment to improve​​ we assure all our patients truly quality ​& ​affordable healthcare in the future also.

Dr​.​ T Ahmed

Every life matters and at Al Noor, we value the ‘health’ in every life. That is why we are more than an exceptional healthcare provider. We are the ‘care’ to your health. With well experienced medical specialists supported by state-of-the-art facilities, Al Noor has been providing comprehensive and affordable healthcare services throughout the community. Over the years, we were able to make a difference in many lives by helping people manage and improve their health.

We are committed to creating healthier communities and our approach to that is simple.

Our approach is YOU.

Your well being is the focal point of everything that we do because we believe that good health ensures happiness in people, content within families and strength amongst communities.

We have made a difference. so let us help you make a difference today.. for a better tomorrow.

Dr. Niyaz Kanneth
Managing Director