Dr. Tuman Unnikrishnan MD (Internal Medicine)

Graduated from Tver State Medical Academy, Tver.

MD General Medicine from Vinayaka Missions University, Salem, Tamil Nadu- India.

Fellowship In Critical Care Medicine (Medvarsity Chennai). CCEBDM certificate course in evidence-based diabetes management.
Honored by the international human rights association as the best physician of 2016, an award from First Additional Sessions Judge Mr. E. M Muhammed Ibrahim at Kollam Kerala India, 

His research work named comparison of dyslipidemia among low BMI patients and High BMI people in rural Tamilnadu was published in the medical journal of Dr. Dy Patil Vidyapeeth published by Volters Kluwer and Medknow publications.


Area of special interest:
Special interests in the area of diabetology cardiology and critical care medicine.


Languages known:

Malayalam, English, Hindi, Tamil, and Russian with native or bilingual proficiency.